Citizenship law not anti-Muslim, take liberals like me also: Taslima Nasreen

 Islam plotted abuse and violence: Taslima Nasreen

"I miss my dwelling," she explained.  "I can not go to Bengal.  However, this can be an amount I have to pay"

Au thor Taslima Nasreen has voiced approval for a contentious brand new Indian regulation over refugee naturalisation that critics state intentionally discriminates against Muslims.
The Declaration (Amendment) Act has been signed into legislation this week soon after having qualified by Parliament; nevertheless, it FastTracks naturalisation for both Pakistani, Afghan and also Bangladeshi refugees who confronted spiritual persecution in your home.  It insures 6 minority religious classes, however maybe not Muslim minorities such as Shias and Ahmadis.
However, she stated, the"even larger victims" ended up free-thinkers, liberals, along with atheists.  "Muslim societies despise us criticise," she explained.  "Individuals like me personally exile also needs to have citizenship"

"I shall compose those novels if I must"

Nasreen,'' 5 7, also a Bangladeshi-Swedish author surviving in India, has been driven to exile in the home nation from the nineties as a result of risks against radical Muslim bands right after her book"Lajja" -- that portrays the persecution of the Hindu loved ones by Muslims -- conducted to a controversy.

Taslima Nasreen dwelt in Kolkata in between 2004 and 2007 but had been made to go away later radical Muslim groups demanded she abandon India.

She resides in New Delhi.

Taslima Nasreen instructed India to day TV within a private interview which regulations wasn't anti-Muslim.  "India is maybe not deporting its own Muslim people," she explained.

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