JNU Students' Union meet HRD ministry officials

The panel filed its report into the ministry however no more telephone was accepted nonetheless.
The college students are longing for more than per couple across the steep increase suggested from the hostel service fees.

The draft hostel handbook suggested to increase hostel expenses from R S 10 for dual occupancy to R S 300per cent 600 for only occupancy against the prior R S 20.
Even the semester-end assessments are planned by December 1-2 and also the pupils' union has called to get a test boycott until their requirements are achieved.

Union Ministry of Human Resources division, that has contributed its guidelines into the varsity government after a few meetings together with their agents.

Even a hostel draft manual,'' introduced with the varsity, has come to be a bone of competition involving college students and varsity government since oct 28 once the government failed to permit the JNUSU to wait that the IHA committee assembly which has been to clean it.
But following the college student protests, the varsity government declared a 50 percent concession for its BPL class pupils, however, it neglected to punish college students.  The Problem has been managed with a high profile questionnaire of this
Even the HRD Ministry had put a three-member committee to check to strategies to reestablish normal operation from the JNU and contrasts involving your agitating students along with also the government.
The Delhi Police on Monday lathi billed the inaugural Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) pupils, that have been marching in direction of the Rashtrapati Bhavan from Delhi to press their own demands.
Resources said that the ministry authorities promised the students which they will take to to receive the assessments delayed and talk to the varsity government about advising the pupils' marriage.
The ministry authorities held a gathering with all the JNU government way too to terminate the stand off between your government and the college students, '' the sources mentioned.  Even the JNU college students are around a hit for more than a month over the hostel payment increase concern.

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