Muslims voted for parties which could defeat BJP: NCP chief Sharad Pawar

This encouraged Plenty of warmth out of the BJP.  Numerous leaders out of your saffron party assaulted the senior Congress chief on his opinions Chavan's social gathering for'appeasement of all Muslims'.

Formerly, Maharashtra General Public Works Department (PWD) Minister Ashok Chavan said that Congress went forward form the authorities together with Shiv Sena just at the behest of both Muslims to maintain BJP from electricity.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Sharad Pawar on Thursday maintained that Muslims failed to vote to its Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from the Maharashtra assembly elections held annually in oct.

Pawar farther said that agents from your minority communities also had said they won't thing to NCP forming federal government with all Shiv Sena'however BJP needs to really be retained off from strength from Maharashtra'.

Muslims failed to vote BJP throughout Maharashtra meeting elections however for most parties that could conquer BJP.  Throughout elections, the minorities pick that which to conquer.  This really is the reason we watched a reversal of authorities in Maharashtra,''' explained NCP minority mobile assembly.

Pawar was discussing in the NCP's minority mobile meeting in the party office at Mumbai.  

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